About Vietnam

This is a page about Vietnam.

Vietnam is a country in Southeast Asia home to about 90 million people. There are a lot of similarities to China, Cambodia and Thailand, but at the same time Vietnam has been alone on it’s own long enough to develop it’s own distinct character.

At the moment, it is governed by a socialist republic government. This is very different from a communist government, which most people think Vietnam is. Vietnam is not communist. What is true is that it is a one-party state. But, there are public elections and there are different voices within the party. There is no brain washing or indoctrination. And certainly, it is not an anti-capitalist country.

Yes, there are a lot of state owned enterprises. But there is no collectivized farming, no central planning of markets, and no universal basic income. There are private factories, private universities, private hospitals, toll bridges, etc. There’s even a stock market.

Vietnam is considered a middle-income country (like India and China). There are some people in the country who make only a few hundred dollars a month and there are those that make several thousand a month. There’s also a handful of millionaires, and at least one billionaire. Vietnam has a lot of micro-businesses, which are small family owned businesses, but operate on a very small and limited scale. There’s also major brands, conglomerates and megacorps. So you get the whole gamut. This makes things very interesting in terms of the market economy; almost anyone can participate.

Living standards in Vietnam are varied. In the countryside, it’s very dirty. But in the cities, you can get nice homes and apartments (which would make embarrass a lot of places in so-called developed countries). Hygiene is generally bad, but improving. Medicine is easy to find and cheap.

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